Padshop Pro: VST2 version?

I just downloaded the Pro update for Padshop. I was happy to see support for VST 2 since Ableton does not support VST 3. However, after installing the update I still only seem to have the VST 3 version. How do I get the VST 2 compatible version of the plugin? Thanks.

Try to rename padshop.vst3 to padshop.dll.

my understanding is there is no vst2 version for mac only au.
have no idea why.

Did a long search on “Padshop” and found the DLL in C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\Padshop
Doh! OK so I copied the contents of that directory into my custom Ableton VST directory and it works! :smiley: You guys might want to tweak the installer to ask the user for custom install locations.