Padshop Pro Zero Gravity Instrument set

Tried to get an answer from support but got two different answers so thought I would try here. I would post this in the padshop pro forum but I seem to only have the option to post in the general section.

I recently purchased the full version of padshop pro. When I purchased it for $79 there was only one option so I assumed I purchased the full retail version. In the description it says that the full retail version ships with the zero gravity instrument set. However, mine did not.

The first email to support they said they had place it in my account. It is not there. The serial they sent for it was just a second instance of padshop pro.

The second email to support claims it is an optional for purchase product.

Anyone here have any idea if the website is incorrect and zero gravity does not ship with the full version of padshop pro.

Is it that you can’t find the presets? Or that you don’t have the license?
I would imagine that the license for Zero Gravity is embedded within PadShop Pro’s license.

For me (updating from PadShop + purchasing the Zero Gravity) I now have 3 licenses:

  1. Cubase 6.5 (the original PadShop’s license is embedded within it)
  2. PadShop Pro Extension
  3. Zero Gravity

What does your license say?

Register your e-licenser in your mySteinberg account.
Then use the “Enter Forum” button in the “Forum” section of mySteinberg.

Thanks for the reply. The only elicense I have is for padshop pro - 2 instances. The second license was sent by tech support claiming it was for zero gravity however it only registered for another instance of padshop pro. Strange. They also said that they put zero gravity in my account but it is nowhere to be found. I don’t even see an option to download it anywhere. When I downloaded padshop pro it was not included - the whole download is only 381.8mb.
I’ve checked on my computer and there are no zero gravity files anywhere.
My padshop pro is registered under my products with the elicense but I still unable to post in the padshop pro forum.
The second tech support email I got said that zero gravity was an optional download that I would have to pay for. I am just confused because under the description it says it is included in the full retail version which I just purchased.

Do you have such presets in Padshop Pro as:

  • Abyssal Choir
  • Aerial Sweep
  • Agravic Pad
  • Air Duality

Those appear for me as Zero Gravity presets. They may be embedded within Padshop Pro’s default soundset (given that you purchased the full retail version vs the Padshop upgrade).
Approximately how many presets do you have?

They’re probably mistaken. There’s two ways to get Padshop Pro:

  1. Update from Padshop - Zero Gravity is optional
  2. Full retail purchase - Zero Gravity is included

Did you enter the forums via the “Enter Forum” button in your mySteinberg account?

Thanks again for your reply.

Do you have such presets in Padshop Pro as:

I searched for your sample zero gravity presets (as well as the demo ones on the web demo) both on my system and within padshop pro. No luck.

They’re probably mistaken.

That’s what I thought. I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually. Just wish I could start saving my own presets (another issue I’m having)

Approximately how many presets do you have?

I have 406 factory presets and 50 factory pro presets.

Did you enter the forums via the “Enter Forum” button in your mySteinberg account?

I did enter the forums from my steinberg account - Could be just a delay thing. Just signed up for the forums today.

thanks again for your posts