Padshop Pro Zero Gravity sounds

Cannot get these sounds to appear in list.
Have done the e-licencer licence code registration…

A separate "limited time licence is found as a soft licence??

The Zero Gravity tree is found in sound browser but no sound is visual inside this folder?

I’m assuming that you bought the upgrade bundle?

You activated both of the license codes?

Yes, both the Padshop pro and the Zero Gravity codes have been entered.
See attached picture for reference.

Inside Padshop pro I can chose big browser and on top see three folders: factory, Factory Pro and Zero Gravity.
Clicking on Zero Gravity “gray out” all attributes and no sound is seen inside the sound window.


Try to find and reselect zero gravity from media bay (I think it was under factory content / steinberg etc.). Thats what happened and worked for me.


It worked. highlight Zero Gravity folder in Mediabay and then rescan made the presets appear.
Thanks a ton!

Your’re welcome :slight_smile:
have fun!

Thank you… this worked for me as well.

I had never heard of the media bay before and it took me a while to figure out what/where it was. Finally searched the Cubase manual and there it was. :blush:

How are you liking those Zero Gravity sounds? Seems like a good price on the Padshop Pro upgrade with the Zero sounds however, I use pad sounds in musical contexts and am not really interested in unique fx sounds or cinema-based libraries. From the demos, it’s hard to tell the makeup of the library. Any opinions?

There are 250 additional presets in the Zero Gravity folder and the majority of those are pads that you can use in musical context. The wave files that goes along have a huge amount of diverisity that the 250 presets don’t show.
You have synth sounds, FM sounds, voices, two fx folders and a drum folder. Have not counted the number of files but there is possibility to make more sounds than just pads from those.
As you said, it doesn’t cost much…
But if you are tight on budget there is nothing in there you cannot do yourself, by importing waves of different kind.

Thanks Smedberg! That first pad on the demo is the kind of stuff I’m always after although I do appreciate the other esoteric stuff…just never have a spot to track them. About the install, how big is the full download and does the install allow you to target a drive of your choosing for the library? I appreciate the input.

OK, now that I’m sure I’m experiencing the same problem as Smedberg (can see the location tree but no sounds), I’m not sure I understood the solution. When you say “reselect” the folders in media bay, what do you mean exactly? De-select and then re-select? The problem is, if I try to de-select a folder, I’m getting this warning: “REMOVE FROM DATABASE?”

Should I click REMOVE? I’m afraid of erasing the folder permanently.

You cannot delete folders from MediaBay permanently. You can start from scratch at any time. Just select the folder with Zero Gravity Samples, then “rescan” it. Should work after that. I dont think you actually have to “remove” it from the database. I could be wrong though…

Just select the folder with Zero Gravity Samples, then “rescan” it.

That’s what I did, but nothing changed. So I was thinking of deselecting the folders and then reselecting them, but then I saw that popup warning that scared me. What if the browser can no longer find those folders, even if physically they’re still on the drive?

I see. Then you must remove it apparently. I wouldnt worry about not being able to add it later, you can.

Tried that too. No difference. I went as far as reinstalling everything. No difference. Contacted Steinberg’s customer support last Friday, it’s now Wednesday and still no answer. A pitiful joke, as usual. :cry:

OK, now this is interesting. I checked with the location where the sounds are stored (program data > VST3 presets > Steinberg Media Technologies > Padshop) and I can see the three folders (Factory, Factory Pro, Zero Gravity.) The Factory folders contains 1.37 mb of data, but the other two folders are both 0 bytes. Even more puzzling, if I try to access them I get an error message (you don’t currently have permission to access this folder.) I managed to regain “ownership” of the folders by going into the security pages and now I can see the patches. But unfortunately Padshop Pro (or the media bay) still cannot see them.

And you have licenced both Pro and Zero Gravity according to instructions?

Yes, of course.


I had the same situation with a Zero Gravity folder looking empty after a new installation of the upgrade package (Cubase 6.5 then Padshop Pro then Zero Gravity).

The “rescan” from Media Bay solution worked well for me. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Having purchased Zero Gravity, I cannot access the sounds.

I have licensed the product with the elicencer and installed / uninstalled a couple of times.

I have used the media bay option and rescanned everything. I still can’t access my sounds.

I’ve tried two nights in succession now so I’ve not just tried and quicky admitted defeat. I’m now spending more time trying to get the product to work than actually having fun with it.

Any suggestions ? or do I just ask for my money back?

Help would be appreciated

Cubase 6 LE AI Elements Win XP



uninstall everything. Then contact Steinberg support and have them email you a link for the Padshop installer 1.1. Reinstall everything.

I had the same problem, that’s what I did and now everything works fine. I strongly suspect that the installer you and I used had a bug. Of course Steinberg will never admit it, but that’s fine, all I care is that now everything works.