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hi,is padshop pro included in 6.5.1?

hi,is padshop pro included in 6.5.1?

Well, 6.5.1 is from march, Padshop pro is new, so…
If still in doubt, you might want to read the upgrade options on the Padshop pro product page…

so to get the padshop pro version cubase 6.5 users have to pay the 9.99 euros?
thats ok,but just double checking.

Yes, it’s an additional 9,99 if you have 6.5 and want padshop pro. Although most of the functionality of padshop is there already, it’s really mostly the sample import function that’s an additional 9,99.

ok.suppose nice to have,and dosent break the bank. 250 new presets too i think.

I got it as well thinking the same thing. Can’t go wrong for €10,-, especially considering the fact I was the first to complain when padshop didn’t offer sample import :stuck_out_tongue:

am i right?does it have 250 new presets?

I also complained…

Now that we have Padshop Pro it’s amazing. I am really, really, really happy with it. Literally been on it all day today.

is it only 50 new presets?

Listen sweetheart! I was the first to ask for this option but I didn’t complain about it , as you did!!! Got that? :imp:

Musicsculp was first, third post in that topic :wink:

Damn, you’re right! :smiley:

It’s £29 something for the zero gravity pack as well as the upgrade, it’s £8.39 for just the upgrade from padshop to pro, and that’s mainly for sample import.

The Padshop Pro update should be completely free for those who bought the 6.5 update in VST3 format only, the zero gravity pack should be charged for.

Steinberg are getting ridiculously greedy now, charging for something that should have been in the synth in the 1st place.

Steinberg are getting ridiculously greedy now, charging for something that should have been in the synth in the 1st place.

Oooooh! £10 !? How dare they! Vicious! I say, vicious! :laughing: Us paupers ain’t got that kinda money guv. :mrgreen:

(adds about 2% to the cost of Cubase) :neutral_face:
And who said it should be there in the first place? There was no mention of a sampler before Cv6.5. No-one asked (or they didn’t ask politely and professionally enough) so why should it have been there?
It will be there in v7 quite rightly after it was properly asked for. And all the other DAW included samplers were probably only noticed just after about Christmas 2011. Probably just after either Logic or Ableton got one.

Wait a minute. I purchased the PSPro and got a key - but no where am I asked to enter this key. ?

The download for the Padshop Update (for free) and the Padshop Pro ($9.99) are one and the same. ?

What is going on here?

Ah, OK, I get it. The download is FREE but unusable if you don’t buy the PSPro. And, as always, the eLicenser confuses me. You have to enter the key and then the eLicenser will find the purchased product and authorize it.

All of this said, it is an improvement, I agree with the other posters. I have not done the import of my own sounds so this will be interesting. On that subject, would someone explain their process for importing the samples? Is there a sample length to be aware of?

I think he’s complaining about the principle not the cost, and he’s right. This VSTi will obviously shine better with the ability to import user samples so it should have been there from the beginning, or as a free update. The cost is irrelevant.

I’ve bought it along with Zero G because I liked the sound of the pre-sets and I wanted the re-verb and the EQ functions, but I still think the import function should be free, as with any “sample” based plugin.

What next? A sampler? And then extra cost a few months later for the ability to import samples?

Nonsense. Padshop is a granular synthesizer and was always advertized that way - not as a sampler. Now, for only €9,99, we can add our own samples to the synthesizer. Great additional feature. Features cost money, get over it.

There is always talk of a sampler, polite or otherwise. Whether Cubase should have a sampler or not is one of the eternal debates on this forum.

Glad you’re cool and feeling the humanity for anyone who isn’t.

I’m all for asking politely, this forum can run all the way from passive aggressive through to psychotic at times but I’m not really sure what you mean by asking professionally enough. I’m genuinely stumped as to how you might ask a question ‘‘professionally’’ and would love to know the answer.

Either way I’ll pay the ten quid and be very happy with the extra functionality but I think it’s worth mentioning that the opening blurb for Padshop Pro praises the Retroluge, which is a great synth, and also mainly useless thanks to the bug that means it won’t bounce automation.

I’d like the bugs that arrived with 6.5 sorted. I’ll pay for Padshop Pro too but really, the bugs are causing serious problems and the development schedule is often an information free zone. Those pre-releases have been up for a very long time without a finalized version rocking up.

I was already over it which is why I bought it but that doesn’t excuse your childish reply to a post that pertained to principle not cost. I think most of us thought, now that plugin would be really cool if you could import user samples. And, a bit later, woe and behold, you can, but it costs a bit more! That was the principle. Geddit?

Oooooh! £10 !? How dare they! Vicious! I say, vicious! > :laughing: > Us paupers ain’t got that kinda money guv. > :mrgreen:

Razor sharp wit!

please can someone spare a POOR old miserable git £8.36 to upgrade my padshop cause it’s broke my bank ! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: