Padshop Pro's built-in Reverb sounds Awesome !


Playing around with Padshop Pro lately, I was not only impressed by how great it sounds, but… I also noticed that the built-in Padshop Pro Reverb sound Awesome !

Thank You Steinberg for making a great sounding, and very unique VST, and its high-quality built-in Reverb.

All The Best,

Agreed! Lush and smooth reverb, I most of the time never feel, like some other synths, the need to turn it off and use an external reverb plugin. It works and blend really wells with the synth :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind having the Padshop Pro reverb as another option of reverb in Cubase 7 !

I’m guessing it is a totally new reverb made specifically for Padshop/Pro .

Whatever it is, Yes, it does sound very lush, and smooth. I also feel it adds a nice bit of extra dimension.


I don’t have it yet, heard samples can be dropped into it. Has anyone tried this feature?

You mean in the reverb or in Padshop Pro itself?
If the last, yes it can, and it’s a wicked addition!
I see you have Cubase 6.5 so I say… the upgrade fee is an absolute no brainer :sunglasses: