Padshop removed from Cubase 9?

I installed CP9 on my new machine a few weeks ago (W10 64bit). I’ve just noticed that Padshop is completely missing. Has it been removed from Cubase 9? I tried reinstalling and still nothing. Is there a way to install it separately?

You didn’t mention what Cubase version you have and if you upgraded from a previous version or purchased a new full license. In your topic title you list Padshop Pro. If you purchased that separately then you would still have that license and be able to re-install it as necessary for whatever reason. But, in the body of your post you say Padshop. So here is the information for that.

According to this chart Padshop is included in Cubase Pro & Artist versions. It is not included in the Elements version. And, if you look in the Cubase Plugin manual it is not included in the Cubase AI or LE versions either.

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I fixed the title. CP9= Cubase Pro 9. It’s not an update it’s a fresh install on a new computer. Padshop is missing from my version of Cubase. I checked the installer files and tried to reinstall Cubase but Padshop is no where to be found.

Look in the plugin blacklist.

Try downloading only the padshop and install it sepratly.

I’m referring to the free version of padshop not padshop pro. I don’t think there’s anyway to download just the free version.

I’ve got v7.5, v8, v8.5, v9 all installed, and I definitely have padshop present as a VST in v9. Clicking on the Plugin Manager entry it says it’s in C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\VST3\Steinberg\Padshop, v1.1.0.


Padshop uses the same binary as Padshop pro.
But I would be more concerned with what else is missing.
Padshop is part of Cubase 9, if it is missing then there is something wrong with the installation.
Make sure you have the full installer (around 9Gb) and reinstall cubase 9.

Maybe a stupid question, but are you sure you have installed the 64-bit version of Padshop?
Cubase 9 64 bit does not “see” 32 bit plugins, because it no longer has a build-in 32bit to 64bit bridge.

I am using Cubase 9 (64 bit), and still have Padshop(pro). It’s one of those instruments I love to play around with.