Padshop & Retrologue Patches


Anyone can advise on wether there are any ready patches for those two new instruments in Cubase 6.5 ???

I can’t seem to find any patch in those two instruments even after re installing them …

Is it a bug or something ??


Does that help?

Not Really … I have no corrupted installers … I just can’t find the patches for those 2 new instruments … what’s the problem ? :slight_smile:

PING !!!

Help PLEASE ??!?! :slight_smile:

There are 406 presets available for Padshop and 303 for Retrologue.

Guess What … I have NONE !! :slight_smile: Why ??

Something similar happened to me when I installed Cubase for the first time. I eventually emailed support and they told me to do a fresh install. Afterwards, all the presets for every VST were available. Good luck!