Padshop Samples & Presets

I have since upgraded my computer to include multiple physical drives. I assume the most optimal setup would have the samples on a non-OS drive and the presets on the OS drive? Padshop is having trouble linking the presets with the samples…

you should avoid to be shuffling with samples that come with an install, certainly when they come with a preset.
presets contain references to a location of the sample and these are stored in those presets the moment they are installed.
once you move the samples, the presets become useless and they will tell you “can’t find…”

for your reference: it is not better to move samples on a non-OS drive. The only reason to do this is to conserve diskspace but most of the time performance will drop (a tiny bit) if a computer has to look in to different drives for a single task, certainly when the non-OS drive is slower or external.

Putting everything on a different drive, f.e. with massive sample libraries, is integrated in the install process when needed, since these installs can consist of many gigabytes.

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