Padshop Trial: How to change Presets via Midi Program Change


I am trying out the Padshop Trial, which could be something of value for my live equipment (using Brainspawn Forte as the VST Host).

I am going crazy trying to find a way to change the different presets via Midi Program Change.

I can adjust every parameter on the Padshop page assigning via Learn CC a controller, but not to the field at the bottom, where the Presets are changed. I would like to have this to test multiple sounds in the context of the whole band.

ANY Idea? Also it seems no Midi command is sent out, when I change a preset by hand, so I got no hint where to look at.

Is this possible somehow?


You can’t as far as I know. Steinberg doesn’t expose patch selection via their VSTi for some reason.

That’s strange, I can see no reason behind this. But thank you anyway for the info.

At least the demo helped me to save some money then.
I must admit it is at least fair to offer a trial with such limitations inside.