Padshop update 2.0.10 ???

Today we have NEW update to Padshop 2.0.10 marked as Jun 3 2020.

I downloaded it and it doesn’t update anything, because I already have version made on Apr 21 2020.

What’s going on? False news?

Same for me… Curious…

me three!

Me four!

Not false news - but Padshop 2.0.10 was bundled into the Cubase Pro and Artist 10.5.20 update, so many users will not need the standalone installer.

if there´s anybody who has issues with a license recognition for Padshop 2 in Cubase after this update (stand-alone installer), please confirm that you have encounterd this problem. Me and one guy do have this issue after updating Padshop 2 via the stand-alone installer. Would be good to know if it´s general or not.
Thank you.

edit: it was an e-licenser issue, fixed in the newest update