Padshop update has killed AU / Logic version!

I recently installed the Padshop Pro and the AU Patch (again) from the following links:

I ran the installer and when it asked which version to install (I choose the full version which I own) I got the following error: Install Failed, contact the software manufacturer for assistance. (which I have, but so far they have no answer - if they do I’ll update it here)

Now when I try to open Padshop in Logic, it fails the plugin manager stating it cannot be opened when before I used it in Logic Pro just fine! When I open Cubase 8 padshop does open and it states its version 1.1.30. I dont know why I cannot open the AU version or why installation failed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Note I have many custom designed patches so if you require a re-install please make sure you include instructions on how to keep my saved patches. My system specs are as follows: Mac OS 10.9.5; 32GB Ram, Logic Pro 10.1.

Thank you for any help you can provide! I really need to get back working with Padshop so hopefully someone in the community might be able to help!

p.s. the retroluge update installed fine, its just padshop that has an issue.


can you please run the Installation again? Activate the “Installer Log” and set up the Detail Level to “Show All logs”. After the Installation, please copy the Content of the log and send it to me. A private message would be fine.

Thanx a lot,

Thank you very much for your reply! I’m unsure how to “Activate the Installer Log.” Do you mind explaining how to do this? I’m running Mac OS 10.9.5 if it matters. Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

Just check the following link:

Thank you! Sent my install log via PM as suggested. Look forward to a reply.

I’m having a similar issue~

I installed the Padshop Pro update AND the AUPatch thingy and now whenever I quit VE Pro that has Padshop in it I get a crash window. Note: Padshop works fine when using VE Pro, it’s only when I exit VE Pro that this happens.

Yeah, this is the main reason why I want it to work as an AU as I’d like to load it in VE pro. So far I have yet to find a solution to this issue. :frowning:

I’m running (64bit) in Logic Pro x 10.2…do I understand that I should not update?

Im in the middle of saving all of the patches to au presets to access through the Logic library : /