Padshop update license is saved on computer and not on usb?

I’ve purchased Padshop Pro and Zero-Gravity pack yesterday. I installed it on my laptop and it works fine. But what strange is that license was saved on local machine (soft-elicenser) and not on my USB-eLicenser (in fact I could not save it to usb). And that means that I can not use this product on another computer?? I’m working on two computers in different places - on my laptop and on desktop computer. When I tried to install Padshop update on desktop computer, eLicenser said the activation code was already used.
This is very bad news cause i’m working all the time on both computers! How do I activate Padshop Pro on my desktop computer also?


Hi Konstantin,

You can transfer your license from the soft eLicenser to the USB eLicenser.

Have a look here:

Thank you very much! Everything’s fine now! :slight_smile: