Padshop VS MachFive 3

I have to say that I’m quite impressed of MachFive 3’s granular synthesis engine, from the audio demos I have heard so far. It sounds really silk and smooth wherever that position bar is going through the sample. That ‘jitter’ function is a mystery too, it obviously adds some kind of randomness into the synthesis but I can’t figure on what level that randomness is applied (position and density maybe?).

Since there is no MachFive demo, anyone is using it here? And my main question is, for the granular synthesis portion only, is Padshop capable of doing the same thing as MachFive, as smooth and as lush?

Here are some MachFive granular examples:

So Padshop users, what do you think about the Padshop VS. MachFive 3 ?

Thanks folks!

I’ve never used MF3, but from looking it up, I think the comparison of the products is unfair (not the granular synthesis comparison in itself, of course). Padshop is only a granular synthesizer, whereas MF3 is a full sampler with granular synthesis included as one function. MF3 is like what, $400? Padshop is like $50.

Yeah of course I didn’t want to compare them as a whole, I was only referring to the granular part & engine, nothing else and no other parts :slight_smile: