Padshop won't load

I am desprately trying to get Padshop to load but it just won’t happen. I am on OSX and I have both the Padshop license and the Pro upgrade license on my soft elicenser. At first I thought the problem might have to do with an expired trial license that still resides on my eLicenser. So I used the helper tool and deleted the trial license and reactivated Padshop Pro. Still nothing. Some Steinberg support page also seemed to suggest that the “VST Sound” folder in the Library should be deleted after a trial expired. I did that with no success. I have the latest version of Padshop installed and the latest soft eLicenser. The soft eLicenser and MySteinberg account are all synced up. Everything is registered, activated and good to go. Just the damn program won’t open in any AU or VST host. All the AU hosts find the plugin but when I try to open it I get an error message. I’ve been messing around with this all afternoon…

I got the license transferred from someone and the whole transfer process took days already and has been a complete nightmare.

Thanks for any advice.

Please someone from Steinberg get back to me. I can’t get a support ticket. Please send me an download access code for the actual installer, if that’s the issue and I can’t use a permanent license with a Trail Installer. It’s been taking a week already and I am getting really impatient. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME.

Dear Albertus,
Sorry for the late reply.

Can you please upload a screenshot of the error message which you receive when you try to open the plug-in?



this is all sorted. thanks

Hi Jan
I have a month-long support ticket for Padshop which I hope you can help with as tech-support tickets are taking even longer than 1 year ago:

Padshop crashes Cubase (6.5.5) when I try to open it. It used to be fine. Windows 10 with all up-to-fate drivers.
Can I re-install Padshop? Any tips welcome,

thanks joe