Padshop2 - doesn't play sounds after upgrade - possible sample locations issue

Hi all,

Hope all is well.
I’m just getting my Cubase11 configured following updating from v10 to v11.
I’m excited to play with the latest updates to one of my favourite softsynths of all time - Padshop2.
However, it doesn’t make any noise.

I notice after loading a preset, no waves appear in the graphic section in the main screen. I reckon it must need pointing at the waves content somehow. Or maybe that stuff didn’t get installed for some reason.

Any ideas how I can point the software at the correct location - I cant find any options in the menu to do that.


Hey all,
After quite a bit of exploring - I realised what went wrong here.
I used the UPDATE options to get to Cubase11. However in the FULL install section there is the PADSHOP2 content available for download too.
Clicked on that and all good.

What is a bit unnerving these days though, is the lack of control where anything gets stored. I didn’t get chance to choose where the content gets stored. Just ends up on the c: drive default folder somewhere. Good job I upgraded to 1TB SSD not so long back.