Padshop2 not showing in Ableton 10

Hello, I just purchased Padshop2 and installed via the Download Assistant to this directory by default.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Download Assistant

I then tried to install PadShop2 and related files to my plugin folder specified in ableton (where it picks up my other plugins like Serum, etc.) at this directory.

In Ableton I go scan for new plugs Padshop2 doesn’t show up. In the plugin folder I have the following:
then folders for “Content Padshop 2” “Padshop 2 - Version History” and “Padshop 2.0.1” so it seems the files made it to the plugin folder on installation.

Can someone please help? I was pretty excited to try this thing out, but with all the trouble with the process for purchase/installation makes me think twice :frowning: