Padshop2 Polarities - demo sounds are glitchy

I was considering grabbing Polarities for Padshop2, but when I played the demo sounds from that package on the Steinberg site, I noticed some troubling pops and clicks rendered into the audio of the recorded video.

Does anyone know – were those pops and clicks (throughout the video, at many points in time) because the person running the demo had mis-configured their audio device buffer and/or the demo system has hyperthreading issues? Or is the content itself glitchy? I wont be buying it until I can verify this from someone who has actually used it. Thanks.

Looks like the “remember roach” demo has lots of clicks/pops.

So far other videos have minimal glitches, but “spectral invasion” just did a big “audio dropout” sound at 1:14. I played it back twice to make sure. Can anyone else confirm this? Is this a badly configured demo machine??

Wowww at 1:27 and 1:47 the “vocal flute” demo really drops out. Sounds like a buffer under-run.

EDIT: looks like most of the videos are clean, but a few have ugly audio glitches in them.