PadshopPro does not work on Logic 10.3.2


PadshopPro does not work in Logic 10.3.2 (but it worked perfect in Logic 10.3.1). In the happy case you get the message “Failed to load Audio Unit Padshop, please contact the manufacturer…”, in the other cases Logic crashed fully. I have the problem with my versions of PadshopPro and also the current demo version from stein Are there other people with the same problem?

thanks, jcb

Hi, happens to me as well from time to time…
Don’t know what to do except starting fresh after crash.
It’s a pity!

This always happens when you try to reload a session which has PSP inside or if you change the audio buffer size in Logic’s preferences. A fix is on the way.

Is there an ETA for the release of the fix mentioned by Simon Stockhausen that was “on the way” a few weeks ago? Thank you.