Page advance during chord entry jumps to beginning of project

Encountering a usability bug: During chord entry in vertical Page Layout view (either single or double width), when entering chords in the SHIFT+Q popover and advancing (using either Space or Tab) beyond the current view such that the view needs to move down to continue, instead of jumping to the next page as expected, Dorico jumps back to the beginning of the project. This of course means that the user has to navigate back to wherever they were in their project to continue entering chords, and messes with the chord entry workflow.

This doesn’t seem to happen in any horizontal page arrangements, nor in Galley view, so these are the obvious workarounds. But, vertically-arranged is still my fav view :slight_smile:

Screen recording below:"Jump%20To%20Beginning"

Yes, we’re aware of this problem. I’m afraid the only workaround for now is to use the horizontal page arrangement.