Page auto scrolling/jumps

In Dorico, sometimes I notice the page automatically scrolls/jumps horizontally or vertically when I select a note or after entering a passage. This can be very annoying when composing and having the page move all over the place. Is there a way to prevent this? I can understand the vertical jumping if Dorico is trying to adjust spacing on the fly, but not sure why horizontal jumping would happen since I would always expect my page to be horizontally centered (horizontal scroll bar in the middle - I have my zoom on 150 so I can see entire width of page ).

This has been frequently mentioned in this forum.
I think this was the most entertaining one :smiley:

Hopefully they will rework this soon. I’ve just gotten used to it.

Thanks, so a known issue. I never had this problem in Sib, and have sort of gotten used to the annoyance of this in Dorico, but it’s a real workflow killer and hope it gets resolved in next release.