Page Break At Flow for printed instrument part

When I print the score, my first page has the project and flow title. At the beginning of each Flow, I get the default flow header on a new page. This is good. It is consistent with the template and Layout Option settings. When I print the individual parts, I lose the page break at the flow along with the flow header page. What I get is a single continuous piece. How do I get the individual part to have the same structure as the score? I need page breaks and flow headers. I would think that this would be the default behavior.

Are you saying that what you print out is not the same as what is on display in Dorico?

The score prints correctly. It’s the individual parts that don’t. The parts don’t have the flow title page and they don’t start on a new page. I’ve been all over the forum along with YT and Google without coming up with a solution to the individual parts formatted like the score. This is such a basic requirement. I must be missing something.

If I is just a matter of the Parts not appearing as your Full Score does, you likely just need to check that you have the same flow settings in their Layout Options.

These settings (such as Flow Headers, if a flow begins on a new page each time, etc) are layout-specific and need to be adjusted on all layouts (which you can do at once!).

You’ve replied as I’ve written this and it feels like this might be what’s going on.

I found it. The instrument Layout setting needs to be consistent with the Score. I just needed to figure out how to specify the layout for each instrument. I was right there in front of my face.

Thank you for the quick response. You’re life lifesaver. :smiling_face:

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pkennedy, good you got the desired result.
Just to further build on this, every layout, may it be a score or may it be an instrumental part, can have different and individual layouts. You might want all flows to start on a new page in the score, but you might want to allow them to start on the same page in the instrumental parts. You can have different staff sizes (f.e. give the bigger instruments like cellos or double basses a bigger staff size, as they will have a greater distance to their music desks; or allow a wind player a slightly smaller staff size, as they don’t need to share their desk with another player - like the upper string players f.e.).
In Dorico you have full control on this.