Page Break Request

One of the many projects I am working on is an exercise book/packet/etc. Allowing multiple flows on the same page is terrific, as I can get numerous exercises on 1 page with its own flow header. However, some of these exercises need to be group in certain groupings (The single hand exercises are complete, mid way down the page, the 2 hand exercises begin on the next page - sort of like chapters in a book).

I cannot find a way for a “page break” command, or “this flow will start on a new page”. Am I missing something?

If I am not, I’d like to request a feature of some sort.


You can use frame breaks to push material into the next frame, which when using the default master pages, basically means the next page.

Thanks Lillie,

That seems to work if I don’t have multiple flows on the same page.

The situation I am having to be more precise, is I have 2-3 flows (1 line exercises) on a single page (about 50% blank space at the bottom), and I want the next flow to start on the next page, as it starts a new section/chapter/etc. of the packet.

It would be nice to have some sort of “page break” function to allow this kind of thing.


I’m not sure I understand the problem - for me, even with lots of flows on the same page, I can select something at the start of a flow in the middle of the page, insert a frame break (Engrave mode, Shift-F) and that pushes that flow and all subsequent ones onto the next page. Do you perhaps have page overrides that mean e.g. the flow headings stay behind or something?

Edit: If you then want the new page to have formatting like the original one in your screenshot, you can change the layout option for when the First master page is used to “Any flow starting at top of page” ?

I am sorry… you are 100% correct! I am not sure what I hit, but it didn’t work 2 times (perhaps I clicked in the wrong spot twice).

Yes, frame break works… I swear I tried that. It is as I want now!!

Thanks Lillie! Sorry for making this harder than it had to be!


No worries at all, just glad I wasn’t completely off the mark! And that it’s all working for you now.