Page breaks in layouts with more parts

Question: how to setup a set of Layouts e.g. for a Suite with 3 or 4 parts without (!) beginning all parts on a new page (Complete score layout and all instrument layouts)?

I expect on the first page the title of the project (I think this is done in engrave mode by inserting a textfield on top of the page). Right?

But: how do I get automatically the following parts (parttitle and staves without (!) beginning each part on a new page?

Before changing a parameter, with each new page for a part also the correct parttitle is automatically printed at the top of the page.

I tried to change the parameter in layout-options for all layouts: category “Page setup”->“parts”-> New flows: “Always start new page” changed to “Allow on existing page”.

Staves are done well, but parttitles are no longer printed automatically on the page. When inserting a new textframe, always just the title of the first part will be printed.

I attached a Demo with a Suite (L. Mozart). At this moment all is ok (with (!) starting each part on a new page). Just try to change now the layout-parameter of any layout as written above …): what have I to do now to get correct parttitles automatically on top of each part (!) without (!) beginning a new page?
Kleine Suite Nr (758 KB)

Sorry not to have replied to this thread sooner.

The short answer is that Dorico currently can’t automatically show titles etc. between flows midway down a page. In due course we will add a feature that can do this by inserting suitable text within the music frame, but for complete flexibility you are better off making the adjustments you need to in Engrave mode using separate music and text frames.

No problem, Daniel!

Currently this is of course a way to do it.

I think, the concept with Dorico’s flows/parts is really brilliant/genial and the option with/without page breaks actually offers everything to write flexibly suites with more movements. Since the individual parts vary in length between the instruments (think e.g. about multi-rests - may cause a line more or less in an instrument; depends on how many notes are in this voice) , it would be great if one could print out a single instrument (layout) in one piece just using one single parameter. The printout of a single Instrument should have the parts (incl. parttitle) directly lined up (and not printed on several pages).

Even just a tick-box for ‘show flow title’ (per flow) would be great.