Page file for Windows 10

Hi !

What are your experiences with Page file and did you notice any stability changes ?
I have one nwme ssd 500gb (system) and second disk ssd 500gb (other data).
Is it good to put page file outside the system disk and should i use ram/1.5x option or just leave to Windows controls page file ?


I have done nothing with mine at all. I can’t remember the last pc I messed around with page file settings and locations. If your primary drive has plenty of free space and you have plenty of RAM then I don’t see a need to do anything.

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Agree. Windows knows how to manage its Page file better than we humans do.

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Cool , thanks for your answers and opinions.

Only pagefile tuning I am aware of is on large high-end server level, where pagefiles have to be separated from the OS drive on dedicated SSDs and they will then be customized. For “normal” systems, even like a DAW I would not dare to touch pagefile settings… Ensure enough OS drive space is available and it is all on SSD with no bottlenecks.