Page format problem

What happened here? Some pages look good (p. 1/3/10 to 14) and some are kind of compressed (p.2/4 to 9).
What did I do? What can I do?

And how can I change a 2/4 bar into an upbeat bar of a 4/4-track?

Thanks for help!

Best, Saxer

Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Vertical Justification. Some systems are justifying the distance between staves, some are not. You can decrease the percentage for “Justify distance between staves and systems” to something like 50% so all systems will fill the page.

For the pickup, click on the 2/4, hit Enter to edit it. Type “4/4,2” and Enter. Then delete the 4/4 in the first full bar.

You are so incredibly fast :slight_smile:

Thanks sooo much!