Page Formatting Questions

I’m trying to do these three specific things to my score, but can’t find an obvious way to do it:
1- Bar numbers showing on the top, middle and bottom of the score (in Layout options I’m only able to show the top)
2- 2 systems per page, 4 bars per system, on every page.
3- Big, narrower time signatures (the “narrow” setting isn’t narrow enough)

Thoughts? Thanks,

  1. Layout Options > Bar numbers > Placement. There’s checkboxes for every staff.

  2. Layout Options > Staves & Systems > Casting Off.

  3. You may have to choose a different font, either a SMuFL music one, or a Text font.

Thanks Ben! One more thing: I’m trying to get my full score to have “Concert Score” written on it’s top left, like a part would. How do I achieve that?

  • Engrave Mode
  • is there a text frame where you want the text to be? If not, create one.
  • If you’re using a token in the text frame (something like {@layoutname@}) then rename the Layout to “Concert Score” in Setup Mode
  • If you’re not using a token, just write Concert Score in the text box

For what it’s worth, the next Dorico update will include a new text token that will allow you to print either “Concert Score” or “Transposed Score” according to the current transposition state of the project.