Page/Galley View Switch Button

Hey there!
I think there should be a better way to switch from Page View to Galley View (and vice versa)—e. g. instead of being a selector button of two options, it may be much better to be a simple ‘switch’ button (as in the attached image). Then, with a simple click, you should change from one view to another.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure you are already aware that you can use a keyboard shortcut to switch between the two types of view (Ctrl+Alt+1/2).

Oh, thanks! Didn’t noticed that… :unamused:
Also, and talking about switches… is there any reason why in View > Note and Rest colors the Voice colors section has a ‘None’ option, rather than a simple check mark—as in the rest of options in the subpanel—? Then, you might turn it on and off with a simple key command switch.


Yes, we anticipate adding further options to the View > Note and Rest Colors menu in due course.