Page Header for new flows ISSUE

Hi everyone,

I want a header on most pages that reads {@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@} - {@layoutName@} - {@flowPage@}

I mostly achieved this result, however, on pages that incorporate new flows, I get the flow number and the layout name but no title or flow page number (see image below). Is it possible to remove the headers for these pages? I tried mimicing a default page as a new layout by making a full music layout box without any text box for the heading. This got rid of that text but took away the flow heading with it. Can someone help me find a solution for this? Thanks

You have to set these options as “show”


If you want to completely get rid of any header at all, just create a new Page Template based on your existing Default template, then edit it to remove any headers. Apply it to pages where you want the header removed. I just tested it and the normal Flow Heading remains intact.