Page jumps around between views

I have noticed that switching between Page view and galley view, that the score always resets to the beginning of the 1st flow. If I am working on flow 3, I have to move my way back to flow 3 from the beginning of flow 1. This happens even if something is selected.

Also certain edits seem to move the score either forward in the flow, or to the top staff in galley view. The one I already turned in was the fermata. But I have seen it happen with some other tools, and I can’t remember which ones at the moment, but I’ll leave it here when I come across it again.


Ok, found another instance. In galley view… In trying to see if there way something I was missing in the properties panel, I had the properties panel open, clicked on the bar line before an empty measure. I then clicked on the whole rest inside that empty measure. I then clicked on the bar line, once again. And the view shifted up to the top of score. I was looking at the violin part down at the bottom.


We hope to improve the positioning of the music when switching between page and galley views in a (near) future update.