Page layout does not follow the fonts from the page template

Something strange is going on here. The fonts I set in the page template are not applied in the actual page. (see screenshots)
Secondary question: Why is the default setting Clarinet (B Flat) in stead of Bb Clarinet?
This last one I could resolve by choosing staff label in stead of lay out name but that is of course a clumsy workaround.

Can you please upload a project for us to examine. There could be a million (or a few) different reasons.

I guess it was a choice made by the team after consulting with various other parties, or am I misinterpreting your question?

If you have Dorico 5, the layout naming scheme in new projects was changed: they now more closely follow the instrument name, and show accidentals as appropriate (Dorico 5.0.0 Version History, p42).

Hello Daniel,
Please find the file in attachment

MSM 02202201 Music for a new era origineel fanfare.dorico (2.5 MB)

That is odd isn’t it.

I can see that your Default Text font is still Academico and so maybe that explains why it reverts to that font. How did you actually change the font in the First Page Template?

Good morning Daniel,

I have now created a brand new first page template, set the default text font to Anivers (my own font) but that still doesn’t change the problem. I’m afraid the file got affected in some way. (Was imported from another composer’s mail as attached file - I am the publisher)

Can I import a ‘first page’ from another file?

Update: when I change the token from ‘staff label’ to ‘layout name’ it gives me the correct font, but it doesn’t show the transposition anymore

so how do I display Bb Soprano saxophone?

Does this help at all?

In Setup mode, you will need to change the name of the Layout:

Thank you Daniel,
It now looks like this…
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-09 om 06.56.21
still odd that my font is accepted for whatever token but the staff label.
It looks fine on the score
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-09 om 06.59.15

And what is worse: in the trumpet part it looks like
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-09 om 07.02.41
Which is of course not how it should look like in a professional publication

I think you’ll find that this is not necessarily the case but I personally don’t care.

Hey Daniel, This is exactly what I did, and it worked fine in both score and parts, part from the font issue this discussion started about. It’s a pity that this is applicable for staff labels but apparently not for lay out names, or am I overlooking something?

I’m afraid that I’m not familiar with how fonts work and so I have no advice on this! Sorry!

No, I think you are correct that one cannot automatically change the position of instrument transpositions in the Layout name, and that you have to manually change the name (as per the post above).

Thank you for your time Daniel,
I hope this issue got some attention in the next upgrades of the program, it would save us publishers a lot of time.

All the best,

You have a number of options for what text appears in the top left corner of the first page. If you use the {@layoutName@} token, you will get whatever is shown as the name of the layout in the Layouts panel, and you can include good-looking accidentals in those strings by typing the token {@flat@} into the layout name field in the panel. You can alternatively use e.g. {@staffLabelFull@}, which will use the full name that appears in the left margin in the full score layout.

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