Page Layout for Parts

I was reviewing all the parts for a score and saw this on the break between pages 2 and 3:

The tempo direction seems to be running off the page. Is there an easy way to fix this? I thought it would be handled automatically

In Engrave mode you can select a bar line and type shift-S to make a system break.

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Although I am surprised Dorico didn’t calculate this automatically, your solution is simple and worked perfectly. Thanks.


TBH, I also think Dorico should avoid this by itself.

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This is another thing that has been brought up several times over the years. I searched and found discussions from: 2017; 2019 February and May; 2022; and last year; and several more mentions/complaints in other threads.

Daniel and the team agree this is an issue Dorico should handle, and it is on the Big List.