Page Margins show zero

Sometimes, the page margins settings in the layout options show 0 for all values (see picture). clicking through the different options wil correct the values.

Btw.: In German you would normally leave a space between the value and “mm”.

If you can provide steps to reproduce this problem reliably, we will of course be happy to take a look and try to fix it.

I got this several times before I posted this, but now I can’t reproduce it either. Will try to find a reproducible case, if it comes back.

Hm, seems to be a minor displaying isssue which did not occur to me until now, too. And as I’m a German, too, I’d like to disagree concerning the space between number and unit, too. You may be allowed to add one but I’m really used to see no space there and personally even prefer this for space and auto-line-breaking reasons.

Waldbaer, see or or
That’s what I have learned about the writing of e.g. “12 mm”.
To prevent these expressions from auto line-breaks one normally uses a non-breaking space in texts.

I’ve run into this on several occasions too. After adjusting the default margin (by using the arrow keys beside the number), if I close out of the dialogue, work with the score a bit, then come back to the setup dialogue, the margins are all reset to zero. If I adjust them again (by clicking and manually entering a number), they seem to “stick” and not cause more problems. Seems to be occasional, as it doesn’t happen all the time. I WILL say that these are typically XML scores imported – could that have anything to do with it?