Page navigation


Is there a way to quickly navigate from say, page 20 to page 1 of a score?

I’m thinking of the Sibelius shortcuts where you could go to a specific page, or bar, etc.



No, I’m afraid not yet, Cheryl, though I am sure we will add things like this in the near future. For the time being, you might find using the Home/End keys to quickly scroll through the score useful.

I’ve noticed that on macOS, the fn+arrow keys will scroll the score a page at a time (where a page is whatever fits in the current window) in any direction. So if your zoom is set to whole page, then you can scroll a whole Dorico page at a time using fn+arrow key. I assume there is an equivalent for Windows, but not sure what it is.

I believe this is an OS wide feature, not a Dorico specific shortcut.

Yes, that’s right. Fn-up and -down are equivalent to Page Up and Page Down on a full keyboard.
Fn-left and -right are equivalent to Home and End.

For me, fn+left arrow scrolls left one page, and command+fn+left arrow goes to the beginning of the document (i.e., Home). fn+right arrow scrolls right one page, and command+fn+right arrow goes to the end of the document.

I’m sure there is a system preference that adjusts this somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment.

Yes, this is the same as in Sibelius: Home scrolls left one screen, and adding Command goes all the way. When I first saw this in Sib it seemed odd to me, but later I saw that it makes perfect sense with Fn+arrows on a laptop.