Page number problem

The page count token is taking a single cover page into account, giving me one page more than it should. i.e. the last page is 6/7.
I’ve done previous work with front pages where the page numbers are correct. What have I forgotten?

In Engrave mode, insert a page number change on page 2.

That’s already done, hence the last page is 6/7. The page numbers are correct, but the token for page count is one out, due to cover page.

Have you used the Layout option > Page Setup > Initial page number set to 2? Actually, I do not understand if the single cover page is edited in Dorico or if you plan to do it in another app, but this solution seems quite straightforward, and the tokens should follow up correctly I guess…

The cover is done in Dorico. The next page is page 1. All fine except my page numbers are in the form 1/6, 2/6 etc. The problem is that the page count token is giving me 7 rather than 6 (for this layout).
The odd thing is that I’ve solved this in other files, but can’t remember doing it nor how I did it…

Off the top of my head, the first page of music should be page 2. It’s a left (verso) page, because page 1 is a title page. If you do that, then your final page of music will be page 7, and “7 of 7” will make sense.

That would solve my problem, but I want page the first page of music to be page 1 (because I don’t print title pages for the choir to bin…). I can do the title page outside Dorico then all is good. But I’ve definitely done this in Dorico before.

I don’t understand your comment about binning title pages - are you saying that your first page of music isn’t a left page, or are you saying that you want to break the convention that left pages are even-numbered and right pages are odd-numbered?

Is there a possibility that in previous projects you just typed “/6” as text, rather than using the page count token?

I didn’t do it as text because then other layouts would have the wrong number of pages.
These choir pieces are printed single-sided. I have the cover pages for the library and the actual music is numbered from 1 which would be a left page.
If you and Marc don’t think it can be done then I must have hashed it before, but that would have meant different files, which I don’t remember doing.

The {@pageCount@} token counts the number of pages, so it’s always going to say 7 if there are actually seven pages.

I must have exported each layout separately before and fudged the page numbers. I just can’t remember doing it.
Can I request a way round this, with a token for the page number of the last page in a layout?

You can request it, but can I request that you don’t number left-hand pages as “1” instead? :wink:

I have a good reason :slight_smile:
I have obtuse choir members that can’t cope with the first page being ‘2’, given that I don’t give them the cover. Whether it’s left-hand or not depends on page turns.