Page number won't hide above flow heading

Hello Dorico users
I’ve got a score where the page numbers won’t hide at the beginning of new flows. This is true for the full score and for the parts.
Here’s a pic of the full score together with my settings in Layout Options.

As you can see, the number is showing above the Flow heading, even tho the option is set to “Hide above flow heading”.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Does page 216 have an override, shown as a coloured corner in the “Pages” section at the top right corner of Engrave mode? If so, you’ll need to remove the override in order for a Layout Options change to affect that page.

Thanks, Leo. No there are no overrides on any pages.
Here’s a zipped and stripped down version in case you, or anyone else, can make sense of it.
00 Cantata (666 KB)

I don’t know if this a bug or by design, but in Layout options, you selected the option “Page number in header: Hide above flow heading.”

However on your default page, the music frame goes right to the top of the page. The flow header is inside the music frame and also starts right at the top of the page. Therefore the page number is not “above” the flow heading.

If you edit the “default” page layout and drag the music frame down so the page numbers are outside the music frame, then Dorico hides them.

Dear Rob (and Leo)
I’m very grateful to you. Thanks for that.
I was just trying to get my music a bit higher up the page. But I guess the only way to do it is by reducing the music frame Top Margin a bit more.
Thanks again.

Since you want each flow to start on a new page, another way would be not to use flow headings at all.

Start every flow with the “first” layout and edit it to display the flow title and no page numbers.

Then create a different layout for page 1 of the score which also displays the title of the piece.

That way, you only need one page override on page 1, and that won’t give you any problems if the number of pages in a flow changes when you edit something.