Page numbering and instrument names

I am transcribing Debussy’s string quartet and want to number all pages except the first. On the “score” layout I am getting what I want except for the first pages of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th movements, which remain unnumbered although the immediately following pages do skip a number to allow for the unnumbered page. I expect I am missing something basic but haven’t been able to sort this out.

I also wonder if there is a way to adjust instrument names to reflect the French language originals. For example, can I change the currently shown “Violin I” to “1er Violon”? Changing the spelling is straightforward but is there a way to also reverse the order of the word and number and superscript just the “er”?

I have attached the freshly-started project.

Debussy.Quartet.dorico (1.0 MB)

Check the Page number in header option in the Flows section of the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

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I made a custom duplicate of my First page template and then added the page token(s) to the real First page template. That way I can specifically assign the pageless page template to the first page of my document, but the altered first page template with page numbers will appear automatically whenever a new flow starts at the top of a page (if one sets that option as a layout default).

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Thank you Daniel and Derrek—I now have two ways to deal with my page numbering issue.

For anybody else wondering about the issue of reversing the positions of the word and number in staff labels (converting “Violin 1” and Violin 2" to “1er Violon” and “2d Violon”, for example), a little fiddling led to that issue being resolved, too: Dorico only adds a number to staff/instrument names to distinguish between names that are otherwise identical, so 2 violins become Violin 1 and Violin 2. However, manually adding a number before (or even after) an instrument name results in a unique name and Dorico no longer needs to add a number to achieve the same result.