Page numbering on printed Flows

Say I have Flow 1 and Flow 2 in a project, and I wish to print only Flow 2. The printed Flow 2 has page numbers continuing the page numbers of Flow 1. Is there an easy way of starting the printouts (score and parts) of Flow 2 at page 1? I realize I can rearrange the Flow orderings, but (as I see it) this isn’t a one-step process (or is it?).


See page 141 of the manual, here:
I’m not in front of my computer just now but I’m guessing it’s a case of going to Engrave mode, right-clicking on the page where Flow 2 begins and inserting a page number change.

Thanks Leo.


I appreciate the fact that you are introducing increasingly the documentation in your answers, Pianoleo :wink: That really DOES make me smile!

I reckon it’ll be roughly a month until my responses just say “RTFM” :wink:

Follow up: it worked! Thanks again. I admit that during the holiday season I hadn’t made time to look over the new manual. It does look great.