Page numbering?

I have a multi-flow document, with new flows allowed to start on an existing page, and using the ‘First’ master page with any flow starting at the top of the page.

Also on each ‘Default’ page header I have the page number within the flow.

However, on flows that start on an existing page, the following page’s token resolves as page 1. Am I wrong to be expecting that to be page 2?

Which page number token are you using? Can you perhaps attach the project, or a minimal version of it that demonstrates the problem?

Hey Lillie, I’m using {@flowpage@}. Attached is a file with the problem demonstrated.
Flow Page Numbering Test Project.dorico (390.0 KB)

I wonder if because flow-based tokens tend to resolve based on the highest flow on their page, or the nearest flow directly beneath them, the 2nd page on which that flow appears is the first page where it’s the closest flow below the token. I’m not certain on that however.

I’ve just made an adjustment to the file and added a {@flowtitle@} - pg. {@flowpage@} to just under the Flow 2 header. Now both pages are apparently page 1
Flow Page Numbering Test Project.dorico (390.8 KB)