Page numbers don't show up in parts

I am still a little confused about this part. I finished the parts and looove how it looks :sunglasses: but there are no page numbers showing even though they are showing in the master pages:


The only way I get this behavior is if I have “Visibility: Always hidden” enabled in Page Layout, Page Setup, Initial Page Number. It is a little obtuse because this setting affects all pages, even though it is found under the area entitled “Initial Page Number”.

That did it, it was set to always hidden. Thanks!

Turning on the show page numbers option made a couple of changes in the parts layout, so I had to check all of them again. Metronome numbers were overlapping the rehearsal numbers or were moved to the middle of a bar. And for most parts the last system was not page wide anymore, but only had 3 or 4 bars. Is this supposed to happen by only turning the page numbers on?

Why not? When you add visible elements to your pages, it stands to reason that Dorico would recalculate the layouts.

In this case, I believe the page numbers are in text frames that are not anywhere near the music frames, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Besides that, text frames can be positioned directly on top of music frames and both can co-exist happily without any interference. (As if they are 2 layers on top of one another). I’d be surprised if simply enabling the page numbers to be visible is the sole reason for the page layout changing. Andre, are you sure all layouts were looking correctly before enabling page number visibility?

Well, shortening the final system shouldn’t happen unless it was configured counter to Dorico specs to begin with.

Yes, everything looked ok. And the page numbers frames already have their place even if they were set to Don’t Show. Their space was already reserved and not interfering with the music frames. Everything is OK now, I corrected manually where needed.

Glad you got it sorted out. Even so, frames can overlap each other (even music frames on top of music frames). I sometime stretch the music frames to the complete margins (top to bottom) to get a little more spacing out of the vertical staves and the text frames for Title, composer, etc don’t affect the music layout, which is nice behavior on Dorico’s part!