Page numbers in full vs vocal score

I seem to have bungled something due to not having understood master pages when I started my present project months ago. At that time, I created a custom score for use as a vocal score, and have been working on that score until now, when I need to orchestrate in the full score. I noticed that the odd-number page numbers on the full score were too far to the left, so I changed them in (what I thought was) the full score master page - but that made them disappear completely in the custom (vocal) score. Evidently these are linked, and I have been working with a master page set in the wrong way all this time.

I moved my page numbers back into the correct place for the vocal score, no problem, as I don’t want to lose the formatting of that score. However, I need the full score to look correct too. Is there a way to do this without impairing the custom score layout?

You could create a separate master page set (if needed) to use for the vocal scores - so you’d have 3 sets: full score, part, and custom score.

If page numbers were in the wrong place, it might have been that you formatted the Default master page on its left-hand side, then copied left to right - which copies exactly, not in mirror.

As to them disappearing in the vocal score - are they perhaps running into these layout options for information being hidden/shown above flow headings?

Thanks, Lillie. I had previously (and mistakenly) mirrored my master page default pages left to right, thinking that that applied only to the frame boundaries, but corrected that, at least as far as the vocal score was concerned. I’m fairly sure that the reason for the numbers disappearing in the custom layout was that I - at the time - had moved them rightwards in the full score master page, and therefore beyond the boundaries of the custom layout.

I had edited the master page set so that the music frame’s top was lower than the default (it seems to look better that way in a vocal score), but now of course that same setting is shared with my full score, which is not right! So, with thanks to you for the link, I’ll take the necessary steps.

Frames can end up displaced if all 4 of their constraints (edges) are locked and the master page is used in a layout with a different page size - e.g. -

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