Page numbers in galley view

This is a small thing, but might help with people’s workflow. For a good while now, I’ve thought it would be really useful, while working in Galley view, to be able to see which page of the score I’m on (some of the engraving I do requires that I keep the same pagination as my source document). Could this be toggled on/off in the View menu, or maybe added to the system track?
As ever, apologies if it’s already there and I’ve missed it, but I looked hard, honest! :slightly_smiling_face:


This would really be great!
I always have to switch between Galley view and Page because of condensing being enabled, and having one more indicator (besides bar numbers) that can help answer the “Where am I?” question could be quite helpful.

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Absolutely! Sometimes I’ve used numeric rehearsal marks to indicate source document page changes, which allows me to position frame breaks and see where things don’t match up, but having Dorico do this for us would be a godsend! Another thing I’ve tried is keeping Galley and Page views open on separate monitors, but it’s clunky, slows the machine down, and is no use at all on a laptop.

One consideration here is that as you input, edit, move etc music in galley view, the casting off can be affected in page view if it wasn’t already locked. So your work in galley view might cause music to bump ahead a page or even several pages, and the page number you previously associated with a system/bar is no longer accurate: would you want Dorico to show you the current page number for any given bar, or the page number on which it last appeared last time the current tab was in page view?

I suspect it could get quite complicated. You can always make use of the various “Go To…” commands to help navigate quickly back to a specific location, in addition to ensuring an item is selected somewhere when switching views to help give Dorico something to anchor.

Which does not work when all staves are condensed staves…

Thanks Lillie - I guess the only sensible option would be to reflect the current state of the document, and yes, bar/page relationships will change as a result of what you do as you write, but I think this is exactly why it would be useful. As @Estigy said, it’s about ‘knowing where I am’.

What would happen if you had more than one Score Layout?

You would always be working on only one of them at the same time. Page numbers would always reflect the current layout.

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Ah: you’re right. I’d kind of assumed that Galley View was not really in a Layout, but it is.

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This isn’t a bad idea, but it wouldn’t be easy to implement. It would also slow down galley view, because Dorico would additionally have to be doing all of the page-based layout things that it can skip when you’re working in galley view. It’s unlikely to be something we add in the near future.

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Yeah, I was half afraid that this feature request would prevent other performance optimisations that would postpone recalculating the details of a layout until required.

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Makes sense, though it would still be nice to have the option. However, if you implemented it and then no-one used it because it killed the responsiveness of the software, it would surely be a fool’s errand!
Anyway, the fact that we can have these discussions at all is one of the delights of being a Dorico user. Thanks for all your input, everyone.