Page Numbers - restarting page numbers count per flow

Hi, I’m working on a 16 songs project with 17 players.
What I want to do, is to restart the page numbers count for each new flow.
So, each flow starts with number 1.
I know I could insert a “page number change” per layout, but this would add 272 changes. A tedious job.

Is there a way to force page numbers to automatically restart counting on every flow? for all layouts at once.

Apart from just splitting up the file itself, I don’t think so. It more or less defeats the purpose of having multiple flows in the first place, so having the software work against you is, in a sense, to be expected.

having a project with several flows is one of the best features of Dorico, even when the songs are independent, as is the case of a concert for singer and orchestra.
Keeping the numbering of the pages sequentially, can become a nuisance, if the day before the show, the singer asks to change the order of the songs. :slight_smile:
thanks for your replaying

Edit your Master Pages so that rather than using the {@Page@} token they use the {@flowPage@} token. I’m pretty sure it’s that simple!

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it works!
I spent almost 3 hours trying to figure out how to do this. Even in the user manual I did not find this solution.
Thanks a lot for the help

It is that simple. Please ignore my previous comment. :slight_smile:

We are all learning! :slight_smile: