Page numbers using only right pages

Hi there! Ok, here’s another question: What’s the best way to make every page a page with page numbers to the right, and also show it on the first page?
/Stefan Ekman

Hi Stefan, page numbers are shown when there is a text frame with the {@ page @} (without the spaces) page number token on the page. By default, the First master page (which is used for the first page of music) doesn’t have this but the Default master page (used for page 2 onwards) does. On the Default master page, the tokens are in the outside corners - top left on left pages, top right on right pages.

If you have Dorico Pro, you can edit the master pages and add or move text frames to your heart’s content.

Hi Lillie! Thanks for your answer! Is there any way to only have page numbers to the right?

Go to edit your Default Master Page and click the right-to-left button at the top to copy the right-hand page to the left: that will switch the page to the right side of your left page and make them the same


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Yes, I tried that but didn’t see any change in the actual page. What am I missing?

If the page has page overrides, then it won’t be updated when you change the master page. In Engrave mode, check the panel on the right for red triangles, and remove those overrides.

Also remember that by default, the page number token doesn’t appear anywhere on the First master page. If you want to show the page number on the First page, you must add the token (in a separate text frame if needed) to the First master page.

One common reason people end up with page overrides is that they delete the flow heading frame, rather than hide flow headings.

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Thank you! I managed to get it like I want it now!
All the best! Stefan

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