Page numbers, why so complicated? Manual dynamic alignment. Showing rulers

A few suggestions/pet peeves

I am finishing a couple pieces for engraving and find the page number system unnecessarily complicated. The implementation of page # headers should just copy microsoft word, it doesn’t need to be so fancy and self compromising.

A problem that I am consistently having to manually address is the alignment of dynamics. Is this a normal issue? I wish there was a way to select them all and horizontally align them: yes I did try grouping them in write and then aligning in engrave after.

Seeing measurements or a ruler would be a very nice engrave setting for text spacing/sizes and paragraphs.

  1. Can you be more specific about what’s problematic here?

  2. Suggestion: don’t align in Engrave mode, just group in Write mode. Much easier, in my opinion. Again, can you give an example of what’s tripping you up?

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  1. For the page numbers I think I figured it out. The flows are connected to the headers and the layouts is the dialogue where page numbers can be edited to show or hide.

  2. I used the grouping in write mode and it worked! I might have to reverse some edits in engrave mode but it is good enough for now. Thanks for the advice

Believe me a ruler would be a game changer.