Page Numbers

How do I make each flow start on page 1?

My project has a flow that is an XML import and I have copying and pasting form that flow into a blank flow because it’s easier to sort out the issues with multiple voices per staff in a blank flow.

(If there is a more efficient way to do this, please let me know.)

Additionally, I have encountered a odd thing. My first inclination was to reorder the flows (ie, move the xml flow to be the final flow so the actual engraving would start on page 1), but my text and music frames got all messed up. It appears that the page formatting for the individual pages didn’t change when I reordered the flows.

Below is the initial design with the xml import and the first flow:
And next is when I reordered the flows (by dragging flow 2 to the left of flow 1):
It’s as if the text/music frames didn’t reorder.

An option would be to save as a new dorico file and delete flow 1, but I’d prefer not to do that.

Many thanks!

It’s correct that reordering flows doesn’t also reorder page overrides in Engrave mode. You can, however, move your page overrides by selecting them in the Pages panel (on the right in Engrave mode) and then using the buttons to move that page earlier, until the override that was previously on page 4 is now on page 1.

Thanks Daniel!