Page overrides in parts

I’ve uploaded a piece for reed quintet. For some reason every part but bassoon has a page override with the final barline on it. Completely stumped.

Schadenfreude - parts.dorico (1.8 MB)

Turn on Signposts. You have Frame Breaks there.

Thanks, Craig. How do I fix this?

And how do I fix this without messing up the frame formatting on the last page?

Just to clarify the bass clarinet override is a System Break. Sorry for the multiple replies.

System and Frame Breaks should not cause page overrides.

By Removing the override from the page, I can see you’ve moved the text and music frames around on page 1 of each part.

Make the changes to the Page Template, and then it will be done for all parts at once! (Once you’ve removed the overrides, of course.)

Also: you’re fighting Dorico on the staff layout. You’ve got a large top margin on the Music Frame, to avoid collisions with text, presumably; but you’re then moving every staff on pge 1 manually to counteract that.

I’d say you could make the top and bottom page margins a bit smaller, which might help things.

I’ve re-done the Clarinet part “as I would do it”. It may not be what you want, but hopefully you’ll see that you can get half-decent results with much less manual work.

Schadenfreude - parts.dorico (1.8 MB)

Thanks, Ben. I see your point, but I do want to keep my original layout. How do I remove these overrides? I’d be very grateful for step by step instructions.

Here’s the information in the operation manual about how to remove page overrides:

The only place you have an actual override is the first page. The isolated bar on the last page is due to a Frame Break at the last bar. Turn on Signposts, select the Frame Break and press <delete>.

Fixed. Thanks everyone!