Page overrides issue. Logo

Dear Dorico friends, I am running into an issue trying to set a logo. I have lots of worksheets. each of them has many music frames on a very first page, each of them is very individual, so I didn’t have an other way in a past, as to work with page overrides.
After a while as circumstances has been changed, I would like to setup a logo on each worksheet. Of course Dorico do not let me to do this because of page overrides. I know, if I could know earlier (1-2 years ago), I would need this logo, I would set my first page layout before I start to work on a music material. So my question: is there a way to save all the work I did before and to set a logo on top of it or that means, that all frames in all individual worksheets I do have to set once more again in order to have my logo on top of it? That would mean a lot of hours of work.

Unfortunately if you need to keep the page overrides, you will have to add the logo to each overridden page that you want it to appear on, separately. There isn’t a mechanism for “saving” local overrides as a page template.

For all other pages that don’t have overrides, adding the logo to the corresponding page template will update all non-overridden pages.

  1. Put the logo on one page.
  2. Select it on that page in Engrave mode.
  3. In the Pages panel in the right side of Engrave mode, select the first page, then scroll to the bottom and shift-click the last page.
  4. Right-click (anywhere in the Pages panel) > Copy Selected Frames to Selected Pages.

My first preference would be to set up Page Templates with multiple music flows on them so one can decide on the number of flows desired and apply that template rather than creating page overrides. I could collect these in a set and export them so I could import them in future projects. I am seeing a page that one might use for excercises, correct me if that is not what @mipi had in mind.

That being the case, I would attach my the logo to the appropriate Page Template(s).

As the OP acknowledged. Their particular problem is that they have accumulated a lot of worksheets over a few years without having set up the template, hence the need for a retrospective workaround!

Dear Lillie, it would be great, if user could safe his overrides as a template. It would be very useful in many situations:)

Thank you pianoleo for helpfull ideas😊

Don’t worry, this request is known to the team.

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Just a small addition to everything, what was said before. Why Dorico could not allow to change a text - like Title, Composer Name etc - if some additional frames on the page are set manually or frames of these particular items was moved? I do some worksheets for my college and I see, how frustrating it can be. There are lost of situation you beginn to work without knowing where you will land, because it is a creative process. And I feel Dorico limits me in this case in every step - you are not able to do something, because this will create overrides and you wont be able to change something what was set before. I know, I can manually create a Title or Composers name as a new test box, but have you ever tried to do it manually? Collision of frames makes me crazy trying to choose a “rights” one. I would love Dorico 5 would have a setting, which allows to save all the changes I took over as a default master page automatically…

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You would not be alone, and I am sure the Development team is aware of that. It is simply a matter of where their time and energy are needed most at the moment.

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Derrek, absolutely agree with you. I would like just to express my hope…I know, the team will read it…Thats why I am here. Thats why I use and love Dorico.

Given the very large number of posts about page overrides, text handling and templates, I would hope it is near the top of the list!

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This is because Dorico wasn’t designed to do worksheets from the beginning; it was designed to copy scores and parts semantically. For worksheets you need to be able to draw whatever you want on staff paper. I doubt Dorico is ever going to allow that as freely as other less complicated software might.