Page overrides: link to page number in Flow in Layout?

Currently, Page override information is linked to the page number in the given layout.
There are already many great features, including the fact that page insertion works well.

Problems may arise in the following situation:

  • say, you applied a page override to Page 58, which is Page 1 of your 6th flow.
  • now, if you have to make a significant change in your 1st or 4th flow, so significant that you have to add a page, your flow #6 will start on page 59.
  • in such a case, the overrides are not moved from page 58 to 59.

I would suggest that the page override be memorized as linked to “page 1 of flow 6 in the layout” instead of “page 58”. Or something like this.

Even though I fully support the fact that page overrides are meant to be applied at the end of the score engraving process, memorizing overrides as linked to the nth page of a flow would make the feature more powerful and flexible.

Potential problems when adding or deleting a flow from a given layout would similarly be greatly reduced. For instance, if you work on a piece of musical theater, and you have to insert a transition or cut a musical number at some point, after rehearsals have begun, or for a reprise of the work in a slightly different situation.


Have you tried using these tokens rather than the standard {@pagenumber@} token?

Leo, I think J-F means something different. It’s not about page numbering, it’s about master page assignments to fixed pages in a document. I understand and concur that it would be nice if MP changes and overrides would stick to page N in a flow instead of page N of the whole layout. Provided new flows always start on new pages, of course…

PjotrB, this is exactly what I mean, indeed.

In that case, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I suspect the answer from the team will be: “no. Page overrides are linked to individual pages, and always will be”, or something to that effect.

We’ve been over this before: (This thread predates Flow Headings by a good year).

But it doesn’t need to be a page override. If a blank page turn (to facilitate page turns) is inserted as a custom master page change between two flows, it would be nice if the other page changes (and any spacing and such) linked to the flows could be preserved.

Dan, I think you’re as guilty as I am in assuming that the OP is talking about a particular thing :wink:
They didn’t mention blank pages for page turns, just as they didn’t mention custom page numbers.

jfcharles, what, specifically, are your overrides?

In my original post, I was thinking specifically about this: resizing the music frame on page 1 of the flow to allow for lots of system text to be shown nicely.

You’re right, there’s no way to accomplish this without an override. I agree it would make sense to link these page overrides to specific flows… somehow.

If each of your flows have similar amounts of system text at the top of the flow, you might consider adjusting the First master page so that ALL of the first pages of flows have the same amount of extra space.

If you’re using the new automated flow headers, you might consider increasing Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Flow Heading bottom margin to allow for the extra system text.

Indeed, a good thing to know, thanks.