Page position when changing mode

Hopefully I didn’t oversee another post on this topic.

I’m working in Galley View with 40 instruments. I have to make changes in Engrave-Mode so that I won’t forget them later. Dorico changes into Page View. I go back to insert some notes in Write-Mode, so back to Galley view. Why is Dorico ALWAYS changing the page position. I worked on instrument 38 at the bottom of the page, when I go back to Write-Mode, Dorico goes all the way up to the top of the page. I have to search and scroll down for my instrument 38 every time I’m changing things in Engrave-Mode. Isn’t there a better solution out there?

This has been discussed at length previously, and it’s better in 4 than in 3.5 (though admittedly not always perfect). If you search for the word viewport you’ll likely find useful topics (and specifically Daniel’s comments on them).

thanx Leo…I’ll have a look directly

Note that there’s a new command (accessible through the jump bar, and you can assign a shortcut to it— that is what I did): center selection
Very useful.


Hey Marc…is it already in Dorico 3.5.? If so, where exactly please? Thanx so much…sounds promising :slight_smile:

No, that command is new in Dorico 4.

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Thanx so much Daniel. Great feature. I’d wish I could update my MacPro to Dorico 4.0 - so far it’s such a great machine that I don’t want to abondon it. So hours of scrolling and scrolling is the solution :joy:

The method you can use in Dorico 3.5 is to hit P to start playback from the selection, then immediately stop playback. That should bring the selection into view.

that’s not the problem Danie, thanx… I knew that…It just doesn’t help if you have 40 instruments…it’s always at the TOP of the page…and you have to scroll down and down and down. so it’s not the vertical position which demands scrolling, but the horizontal position…