Page Setup Issue in Booklet


So I’m printing up an arrangement and printing duplex booklets worked without an issue on all the parts except one. For some reason Dorico has swapped the left-right configuration of the pages for only the Percussion part. Any ideas on why/how to fix?


(I’ve attached screenshots to help clarify)

Edit: renamed screenshots to clear up confusion

I must be missing something, but the percussion part looks OK to me: it’s presumably a 16-page booklet with a blank final page.

the screenshots are labelled incorrectly. The Percussion part (labeled vln above) has the page numbers on the inside corners instead of the outside. Page 1 is on the left side, but should be on the right side.

Edit: I’ve re-labeled the screenshots to clear up confusion

Just tried the booklet formatting for the first time now… a 48 page score appeared correctly, but one of it sparts, 13 pages long, i.e. requring 3 padding pages, appeared with a wrong page order… (blank/blank - 12/1…)

I also ran into some really strange behaviour with the booklet function in a project I did earlier this year. I had to export to pdf, and print from Acrobat. It was in a busy time, so I didn’t find the time report it here. I will see if I can recreate it.

Just putting this out there… sometimes imposition can look strange (wrong) when you are viewing on a screen vs. printing the booklets out, folding and seeing the end result in hand. In the case of scores using 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. pages, the music is flowed nicely onto all pages with no blank pages. But in cases other than multiples of 4, you will always have some blank pages. The percussion part with page 1 on left side looked odd. Is there a manually added page in the mix? Have you verified that you are using the default part layout for this part? Be wary of pages with red triangles (indicating page overrides). I know I have “mucked up” the process of page layout while learning the program more than once. If there are inadvertent page overrides, I would delete them and check the new result.

Sure, but those blank pages must be in the right place…

We all may be chasing the proverbial tail if there are some pagination demons floating around. :wink:

I am well aware that the page order looks funny and that the blanks pages are to fill out leftover paper. My concern is that the pages meant to be on the right side of the paper (when printed) are on the left side (as made evident by the fact that the page numbers are at the folder-over and not the outside corners).

Understood, but a bug may appear in several disguises :slight_smile:

dulzimaus, could you please attach your project here (zip it up first), or otherwise send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de so I can take a closer look? (If you email it, please include a link to this thread so I know what the project is in reference to – I get a lot of email.)

Thanks for sending me your project – unfortunately I was unable to look at it until after my email was switched off while the team in Hamburg relocate to their new HQ over this coming weekend. As soon as email comes back, I will gladly take a look at this again.

Thank you. I’ve also realized that for the percussion part the first two “pages” in Booklet would have to be Blank-1 then 2-Blank in order to accommodate the two empty pages properly for a booklet.

I’ve worked around this issue by making a PDF of the pages in “Single” mode and manually setting up the pages for the printer in another program for this print run, however I felt this bug worth bringing to your attention.